Gap Theory in a Nutshell

Gap Theory in a Nutshell

Got it at the Gap Theory

Labeled heresy by some and fact by others, the Genesis Gap Theory – an explanation of what happened between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, as well as a few other things – continues to be a hot topic of debate. When did the angels fall? What’s with the two creation of man stories? This theory hopes to answers those types of questions.

Here’s a (basic) rundown:

  • God created life. (Genesis 1:1)
  • That life went chaotic.
  • Angels fell. War commenced. Planet was left ravaged. “She became void.” (Check out this Reluctant-Messenger article for a detailed breakdown of the “gap.”)
  • Enter Genesis 1:2 and the rest. Life is renewed, perhaps pre-modern Man roamed, ruled, hung out, etc. (An exegesis of the first creation of men and women account from Genesis 1:27) They maybe even knew of God, but didn’t act on it. Or maybe there was no humanoid life. Simply animals. Maybe unicorns? No one really knows.
  • God saw this and, according to His will, Genesis 2 happened. New deal. He makes Adam (the man, literally) and didn’t bother with the early stages this time (Genesis 2:7). He made him an adult. And let him run things because there was a new plan in motion. After Adam saw he had no equal (was unequally yoked) God made a carbon-copy, yet female version of him. Perfectly compatible to rule the rest of creation as long as they obeyed some simple rules.
  • They didn’t. God was literally and directly disobeyed by mankind for the first time. Eternal life was gone. (Remember they still had to eat from the Tree of Life to live forever, so without it, they would die off. But they probably had enough in their systems to last a good while…900 years at least.) A perfect spiritual life was gone – and getting it back would be impossible until way off into the future for mankind, almost 2000 years ago for us though. (Hint: His Jewish name is Yeshua.) This perfect, blameless, able-to-forever-be-in-God’s-presence spiritual life is what Jesus died on the cross to give back to us. We will also physically live forever, but only after our tangible bodies get perfected, essentially when they’re made anew and immortal.
  • As descendants of Adam – modern man – we are stained with both the blood of disobedience, but also with the Blood of Christ. The Blood wins…

Mankind (descendants of the man, Adam) were being punished before Jesus came. How else can you describe having to adhere to 613 Laws every day in order to keep God happy? But, now Man has been redeemed. God sent a piece of Himself to make us right again.  Thank you Jesus!

You may be wondering if I believe in this Gap Theory. Not sure to be honest. I wasn’t there, so all I can do is speculate. I can’t read or decipher ancient Hebrew, so all I can do is rely on linguistic experts and Biblical scholars.  It does make a lot of sense though. It answers many questions, but like most answers, it raises many more questions in the process.


Check out my short story collection book, The Plethora Codex, for a story of the same name that explores fictional events that took place during the fall of Lucifer and the destruction of earth as speculated in the Gap Theory.

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