Dinosaurs and Man Coexisted

Dinosaurs and Man Coexisted

So much information exists out there from so many different sources on whether or not dinosaurs lived among men, the nature and existence of ghosts, what demons really are, where aliens come from if they actually come from anywhere, and who made all those shiny UFO’s flying above my cows at night that searching the Internet for the truth is quite literally like the parable of separating the wheat from the tares. It is pretty much a nightmare to sift through and extract the one needle from all those haystacks. But I sifted for a bit anyway. 

Here’s what I figured out:
Did dinosaurs live among men? Signs point to yes.
What is the nature of ghosts? They are demonic distractions.
Are there really aliens? Not in the E.T. sense, no. Again, demonic distractions.
What are UFO’s? Objects used by angels and demons alike. See: “distractions.”
Yep, those quick answers are the summation of what I discovered. For now, let’s just tackle the dinosaur issue.
You may want to know that my research (typically) begins and (always) ends with putting any information I find up against the Bible – which I believe is 100% truth as given to the men who wrote it via God breathed. It is our instruction book for how to conduct ourselves on earth, and only contains what we, as humans, need to know. If I find something in my research that contradicts the Bible, I automatically deem in untrue and bail it. Likewise, if I find something that compliments the stories in the Bible, I deem it truth and keep it on the stack. Further, if I hear or read about something about which the Bible is silent, I cannot therefore make a sound judgment – lest I be judged – and simply present it for the masses to form their own conclusions. As I stated, the Bible was written for Man to conduct human affairs, both physically and spirtually.
Something to consider first: The Bible doesn’t ever say that we have 9, wait 8, okay 9 again…planets in our solar system, yet we do. The Bible doesn’t mention this because this info is irrelevant to our walk with Christ.
But what about…? Yes, science and archaeology today have discovered many things the Bible does not mention, but it has also – unwittingly – uncovered much that it does. Plus, in the many efforts to disprove the Bible, science has actually done more to prove it’s truth. Real quick, I want to show you this one thing, then we’ll get back on topic.
Laminin. Discovered in 1979. Defined as “a family of glycoproteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding in almost every tissue of an organism.” A protein that literally holds us together. Hm… Here’s a picture.


That is rather interesting. Not that it should be what gives or defines your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, but it should be something that helps build on it. Now, back to dinosaurs…
Wait, you should know that before I put anything to paper – or computer screen – I seek the Word and it’s guidance. Like I stated earlier, the Bible is the “end all, be all” in my world.
Without further ado…
Did Dinosaurs and Humans Co-Exist?
Keep in mind, the term “dinosaur” wasn’t coined until the 1840s. Before that, they had other names. Okay, let’s start with the Bible. Genesis 1:20-30:
20 Then God said, “Let the waters swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.” 21 So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird—each producing offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good. 22 Then God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply. Let the fish fill the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.”
23 And evening passed and morning came, marking the fifth day.
24 Then God said, “Let the earth produce every sort of animal, each producing offspring of the same kind—livestock, small animals that scurry along the ground, and wild animals.” And that is what happened. 25 God made all sorts of wild animals, livestock, and small animals, each able to produce offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good.
26 Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.”
27 So God created human beings in his own image.
In the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.
28 Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.”
29 Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.30 And I have given every green plant as food for all the wild animals, the birds in the sky, and the small animals that scurry along the ground—everything that has life.” And that is what happened.
We read (and believe): “So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird” And that He also made ”every sort of animal.” Then He made humans. Us. To reign over it all.
Back to “every sort of animal” – or even the “great sea creatures” part. That certainly would include dinosaurs. Created and around at the same time as humans were made. As a matter of act, Man was given dominion over them.
And then there’s Noah’s Ark. Genesis 7:13-16:
13 That very day Noah had gone into the boat with his wife and his sons—Shem, Ham, and Japheth—and their wives. 14With them in the boat were pairs of every kind of animal—domestic and wild, large and small—along with birds of every kind. 15 Two by two they came into the boat, representing every living thing that breathes. 16 A male and female of each kind entered, just as God had commanded Noah. Then the LORD closed the door behind them.
This tells us that a pair of every animal was on that Ark. It doesn’t say “most every animal.” Pay close attention to the word “wild” and “large.” It stands to reason that every animal brought aboard was there to repopulate its kind once the waters subsided and the earth was purged. This means young animals, baby animals, needed to be used – for space, sure, but also to be able to be around a while to raise their offspring. Though relatively small to its kind, a baby dinosaur would still be considered “wild” and “large” to human beings. (Side Note: There is evidence to suggest that some tribes actually domesticated dinosaurs. More on that later.)
Consider the word “leviathan” as listed four times in the Bible.
1“Can you catch Leviathan with a hook
or put a noose around its jaw?
2 Can you tie it with a rope through the nose
or pierce its jaw with a spike?
3 Will it beg you for mercy
or implore you for pity?
4 Will it agree to work for you,
to be your slave for life?
5 Can you make it a pet like a bird,
or give it to your little girls to play with?
6 Will merchants try to buy it
to sell it in their shops?
7 Will its hide be hurt by spears
or its head by a harpoon?
8 If you lay a hand on it,
you will certainly remember the battle that follows.
You won’t try that again!
9No, it is useless to try to capture it.
The hunter who attempts it will be knocked down.
10 And since no one dares to disturb it,
who then can stand up to me?
11 Who has given me anything that I need to pay back?
Everything under heaven is mine.
12 “I want to emphasize Leviathan’s limbs
and its enormous strength and graceful form.
13 Who can strip off its hide,
and who can penetrate its double layer of armor?
14 Who could pry open its jaws?
For its teeth are terrible!
15 Its scales are like rows of shields
tightly sealed together.
16 They are so close together
that no air can get between them.
17 Each scale sticks tight to the next.
They interlock and cannot be penetrated.
18 “When it sneezes, it flashes light!
Its eyes are like the red of dawn.
19 Lightning leaps from its mouth;
flames of fire flash out.
20 Smoke streams from its nostrils
like steam from a pot heated over burning rushes.
21 Its breath would kindle coals,
for flames shoot from its mouth.
22 “The tremendous strength in Leviathan’s neck
strikes terror wherever it goes.
23 Its flesh is hard and firm
and cannot be penetrated.
24 Its heart is hard as rock,
hard as a millstone.
25 When it rises, the mighty are afraid,
gripped by terror.
26 No sword can stop it,
no spear, dart, or javelin.
27 Iron is nothing but straw to that creature,
and bronze is like rotten wood.
28 Arrows cannot make it flee.
Stones shot from a sling are like bits of grass.
29 Clubs are like a blade of grass,
and it laughs at the swish of javelins.
30 Its belly is covered with scales as sharp as glass.
It plows up the ground as it drags through the mud.
31 “Leviathan makes the water boil with its commotion.
It stirs the depths like a pot of ointment.
32 The water glistens in its wake,
making the sea look white.
33 Nothing on earth is its equal,
no other creature so fearless.
34 Of all the creatures, it is the proudest.
It is the king of beasts.”
– Job 41
12 You, O God, are my king from ages past,
bringing salvation to the earth.
13 You split the sea by your strength
and smashed the heads of the sea monsters.
14 You crushed the heads of Leviathan
and let the desert animals eat him.
– Psalm 74:12-14
24 O LORD, what a variety of things you have made!
In wisdom you have made them all.
The earth is full of your creatures.
25 Here is the ocean, vast and wide,
teeming with life of every kind,
both large and small.
26 See the ships sailing along,
and Leviathan,which you made to play in the sea.
– Psalm 104:24-26
1 In that day the LORD will take his terrible, swift sword and punish Leviathan, the swiftly moving serpent, the coiling, writhing serpent. He will kill the dragon of the sea.
– Isaiah 27:1
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance says “leviathan” – in both Hebrew and Greek -refers to either a large whale, monster or giant sea creature (see Genesis 1:21 above) or, for the majority of the Bible, dragon – as derived from the Greek word δρακων (drakôn).
It’s kinda like we picture dinosaurs were, minus the fire breathing thing – but how do we know they didn’t do that? All science gives us is pictures, bones and blab about “millions of years before human beings.”
What about the “behemoth?”
15 “Take a look at Behemoth,
which I made, just as I made you.
It eats grass like an ox.
16 See its powerful loins
and the muscles of its belly.
17 Its tail is as strong as a cedar.
The sinews of its thighs are knit tightly together.
18 Its bones are tubes of bronze.
Its limbs are bars of iron.
19 It is a prime example of God’s handiwork,
and only its Creator can threaten it.
20 The mountains offer it their best food,
where all the wild animals play.
21 It lies under the lotus plants,
hidden by the reeds in the marsh.
22 The lotus plants give it shade
among the willows beside the stream.
23 It is not disturbed by the raging river,
not concerned when the swelling Jordan rushes around it.
24 No one can catch it off guard
or put a ring in its nose and lead it away.
– Job 40:15-24
Some people have tried to explain away behemoth as actually being a hippo. Hm.“It’s tail is as strong as cedar…” 
Here’s a hippo. Take a peek. Now tell me, what are those people looking at? Does that tail look as strong as a noodle, let alone cedar? No, it doesn’t.

Not to take away from the hippo – I loved their board game as a kid and I’m often as hungry as they are – but this isn’t “behemoth.” Plus, where are the “muscles of its belly”  as recorded in Job? Not calling anyone fat here, but come on! Nobody’s scrubbing laundry on that thing. Neither are these bones “tubes of bronze” nor do these limbs look like “bars of iron.”

Okay, that’s what the Bible has to say about the issue. And since dinosaurs are recorded – as leviathan and behemoth – it stands to reason that the people who recorded it at least knew about them, possibly even encountered them.
Fast forward to now, where evidence suggests just that. Fossils and ancient finds tell us that, yes indeed, people walked with dinosaurs! 
Dinosaurs and Man co-living in Ancient Peru – the Ica Stones
The Ica Stones are are a collection of ancient carved stones popularized by Peruvian physician Javier Cabrera. They depict humans living alongside dinosaurs. Some even depict a domesticated dinosaur with a human rider!
I will let the stones speak for themselves. Of course, there are people claiming them to be fakes, and others testifying to their authenticity – I have no proof either way. I do, however,  know that people who have pushed (shoved?) multi-millions of years between dinosaurs and humans for so long to the public, and who make a living (or reputation) off of peddling a lie have to save face at all times lest they eat crow –even if that means putting on blinders to the truth and continually perpetuating falsehoods.
Here is a photo containing some of the stones:

It’s pretty obvious through these stones that ancient Peruvians knew all about dinosaurs – something that evolutionists will tell you is an impossibility considering the two were millions of years apart in existence. Hm, from the look of these carvings, looks like humans and dinosaurs were a little closer than that…

Other Dinosaur + Human = Coexistence Evidence
A stegosaurus carved in a ten-foot column at the Ta Prohm Cambodian Temple dedicated in 1186.
Mold of actual human footprint with dinosaur footprint overlapping it from the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, TX.
From the Ishtar Gate as commissioned by King Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC – rediscovered in 1887 AD.  The king had a Babylonian artist shape reliefs for the gate of known animals at the time like lions and bulls…and dragons
Ancient Sumatran (Indonesian) art depicting men with dinosaurs/dragons
The ancient Greek “Hesione Vase” created around 550 BC which depicts the Greek Hero Heracles rescuing Hesione from the “Monster of Troy.”  Could the monster be a dinosaur? How did they know about those things way back then?Hm…
A portion of the “Nile Mosaic of Palestrina” by Demetrius the Topographer of Alexandria depicting hunters and a dinosaur. The letters at the top in Greek translate into “KROKODILOPARDALIS” which means “crocodile-leopard.” A creature that they must have been used to dealing with since this mosaic was meant to depict everyday life on the Nile River in 2nd Century.
Another close-up of the ”Nile Mosaic of Palestrina” depicting a large snake or serpent of some kind. Again, something the 2nd Century people must have thought commonplace.
Another close-up of the ”Nile Mosaic of Palestrina” depicting a large lizard (about as big as that lion above it.)
A ceramic artifact from Moche Indian tribe who inhabited Northern Peru from 100 AD- 800 AD.  Looks like a dinosaur/dragon/monster to me.
A Sioux Indian cave painting of Unktehi, a fearsome ox-like creature with huge horns. Notice the giant snakes compared to the canoe.
Depiction of St. George slaying a dragon on an altar cloth in St. George’s Chapel in England.
These are just a handful, a sampling, of the available proof that humans and dinosaurs shared this planet at the same time. Much, much, much more evidence exists out there about this, but short of making an entire website dedicated to the topic, I leave the dinosaur hunting up to the experts.
The notion of a coexistence is something that has fascinated me over time and I wanted to collect a modest, yet compelling, bit of information to share with everyone. Of course, the Bible is the ultimate source when dealing with the idea that humans hung out with dinosaurs and that’s where I suggest anyone start their search.
Isn’t it funny, though, that Fred Flintstone had it right all along when he was using that brontosaurus as a crane in the quarry. Crazy, they got it right, but people were too busy laughing to take notice. Evolution debunked by a cartoon…gotta love it!


I tell you one thing. This purple brontosaurus looks a lot more like what Job was talking about in the Old Testament than a hippo. In some circles, there is talk that the ancient Egyptians used dinosaurs to help build the pyramids. Maybe…archaeologists did find this thing:

That is the front and back of the Narmer Palette. Allow Wikipedia to explain…
The Narmer Palette, also known as the Great Hierakonopolis Palette or the Palette of Narmer, is a significant Egyptian archeological find, dating from about the 31st century BC, containing some of the earliest hieroglyphic inscriptions ever found. It is thought by some to depict the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under the king Narmer…
…Below the procession, two men are holding ropes tied to the outstretched, intertwining necks of two serpopards confronting each other, mythical felines with bodies of leopards (or more likely lionesses, given that there are no spots indicated) and snakelike necks. The circle formed by their exaggeratedly curving necks is the central part of the Palette, which is the area where the cosmetics would be ground. These animals have been considered an additional symbol for the unification of Egypt, but it is a unique image in Egyptian art and there is nothing to suggest that either animal represents an identifiable part of Egypt, although each had lioness war goddesses as protectors and the intertwined necks may represent the unification of the state. Similar images of such mythical animals are known from other contemporaneous cultures, and there are other examples of late-predynastic objects (including other palettes and knife handles) which borrow similar elements from Mesopotamian iconography.
Um, those two long neck things look more like Fred’s dinosaur friend than two deformed cats. These “serpopards” have cat heads because Egypt was nuts about cats. They worshiped them! They thought they were cuddly and nice and powerful, so what better way to soften up the scary image of a dinosaur than to put a mask on it? Especially a mask that made everyone happy.
Wikipedia defines “serpopards” as “a term applied by some modern researchers to what is described as a mythical animal known from Ancient Egyptian depictions. This term is not used in any original texts, and is an interpretation made only recently.” This means historians and researchers have simply come up with their own answers to explain something that is already obvious to the naked eye, and in direct conflict with their secular life plan.
So, as I stated way up there at the beginning of this article concerning dinosaurs living among men…all signs point to yes on this one. Carbon-14 dating rocks and fragments doesn’t convince me of a thing since that technology is man-made,ergo, fallible. What is not fallible, however, is the trove of evidence suggesting that people back then knew what dinosaurs looked like. How is that possible short of them having a time machine if they didn’t coexist? The answer is they did live among each other.
It was your ancestor and this guy…

For more info, check out this video:

And since this is an edited and updated version of my original article, I found a sweet new picture that was too awesome to keep from you readers. Take a gander and tell me where I can get this…

(Editor’s Note: This was formerly known as “Dinosaurs & Ghosts & Aliens…Oh My!” but I have since changed the title to reflect the article better.)
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