We didn't do anything. God through Jesus cleansed us, then gave us His Holy Spirit as a guide. We are now justified. (Titus 3:4-7)
Don't just pray where others can see you're praying. Do it for God, too. When you're alone. (Matthew 6:6)
Etch-A-Sketch yourself of all impurities. Quit sinning, start praising. Eyes on God and be blessed for it. (Matthew 5:8)
The heart longs for what you value. Value God. Value the Kingdom. They don't waste away like material. (Matthew 6:19-21)
What is Peter's Role in the Church? Many of us are familiar with Peter's confession of Christ from the book of Matthew, but I rarely ever hear the next section recited along with the ... Read More
God will provide. God will heal. God will protect. Believe this! (Psalm 31:24)
I often get random ideas in my head, things I want to study on, like: What does "Allahu Akbar" that Muslims ... Read More
God's guidance is how we see in a dark world. Use it to light your way. (Psalm 119:105) 
God will supply your needs when an earnest request is made through Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)
Prefacing the Secret About a year or so ago I was in Kinko's (excuse me, FedEx Office...not sure I'll ever be able to get that right!) with my wife and while she was getting something printed out, I drifted over to the books section.... Read More

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