Jesus tells us that His sheep know and follow Him always, and nothing, no one, not a single thing - living, dead, eternal or otherwise - can take His ... Read More
Yea, your Christian walk is tough. Sure, your life isn't roses and lollipops. You aren't a millionaire. But, you know what, Jesus wasn't rich or beloved on earth either! He suffered for ... Read More
Words can be flowers or daggers, bringing joy or pain. Thing is, the words flow out just as easy either way. The trick is to think before we speak, ... Read More
Honor your parents, and you will be rewarded with long life. The only commandment with a gift attached - this must mean something. Honoring and respecting your parents must ... Read More
Jesus was there at the beginning of it all - which was arguably "infinitely always" since God is eternal without beginning or end. Back then, Jesus was known as the Word. ... Read More
Are you longing for a relationship with God? Are you yearning to know Jesus and His ways better? If so, your desires will be given to you. Your quest for righteousness will ... Read More
Ever play the game where you search for something and someone else tells you whether you're "hot" or "cold" depending on how close you get to it? Well, your ... Read More
God wants us to be different from everyone else. Now that doesn't mean be "weird" but it does mean to be "righteous." Because God is ... Read More
If your heart wants (and you tire of the inability to fill the hole in your life with money, alcohol, materials, etc) then God will oblige you. Through ... Read More
Remember back in Genesis... When the people are coming together - forming a one world government of sorts? It's the story of the Tower of Babel. God saw this, either came down as a cloud, angel of the Lord or preincarnate Jesus (choose one), and jumbled it ... Read More

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